Leather handbags

Our leather handbags are designed and cared for down to the smallest detail. We take care of the quality of each of our leather handbags.

Handmade leather handbags

We handmade our leather handbags and leather wallets. We take care of every detail from the luxury design to the manufacturing process.

Our leather handbags are luxury quality and contemporary design. Made with cowhide from Ubrique Spain the highest quality luxury with an elegant and sophisticated design.

The design of our leather bags and the color of their skin make them perfect to wear at any time of day and night as well as any season of the year.

They are perfect for a modern, sophisticated woman who likes comfort without sacrificing elegance and luxury.

Luxyry Materials from Ubrique Spain

Bags made with luxury materials, which are distinguished by the quality of their leather as well as by the hardware and zippers used in their manufacture. A 100% handmade manufacture that takes care of exquisite detail giving the highest quality in the development of each leather bag.

All our leather handbags are handmade in Spain, are certified Made in Spain and respect the ecosystem, social and economic environment.